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Age-Appropriate, LGBTQ+ Inclusive, Focus on Mental Health

 Sex Ed Solutions Offers Educators Support to Improve LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Mental Health in Students

When hiring Sex Ed Solutions to help support your sexuality education goals, focus will be on age-appropriate curricula. Quality sexuality education should start in kindergarten as students learn the proper names for their body parts, the difference between good touch and bad touch, and what makes a good friendship. Curricula for grades 3-5 should include information about puberty, cyber safety, and bullying. Middle and high school students should be learning information about body image, reproduction, abstinence, contraception, STI and disease prevention. Healthy relationships is the major focus throughout grades K-12.


It is important for all students to know that people have diverse sexual orientations. Through various workshops, educators can learn age-appropriate ways to start educating students on these differences. This will help kids learn to respect all people. Any school district will always want to ensure that there is proper inclusion. A part of doing this includes ensuring that students are aware of differences that exist in other people they meet throughout their lives, including differences in sexual orientation and gender. Sex Ed Solutions offers tools that educators can use to better teach this subject.

One of the struggles that students can face as they get older are challenges with mental health. The rates of depression, stress, and anxiety remain high due to potential pressures. Sex Ed Solutions can help educators incorporate mental health concepts into sex ed curriculum, helping to identify mental health challenges that students can face. It will also provide the support you need to give tools to students that can be used to manage mental health in safe, effective, and healthy ways.

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