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Teen Dating Violence Prevention
Sexual Assault and Abuse Prevention

Services Provided by Sex Ed Solutions Can Help Educators Teach About
Teen Dating Violence and Sexual Assault and Abuse Prevention

Teen Dating Violence (TDV) and sexual assault and abuse continue to be a concern for people worldwide. This is particularly concerning when it is a child or adolescent that is a victim of assault and abuse. Due to this, educators have an important responsibility to ensure that students in their school are able to learn about what sexual assault and sexual abuse are and how they can be prevented. One way that you can better educate your students on this important subject is by hiring Sex Ed Solutions to teach about sexual abuse and sexual assault prevention.

When a school or district hires Sex Ed Solutions, part of the curriculum taught will include TDV and sexual assault and abuse prevention. This includes teaching educators about how students can properly identify and prevent TDV and sexual assault and abuse while learning about healthy relationships and personal boundaries. Not only will this educate students on how to know if they are being victimized, but it will also ensure they learn an appropriate way to provide other people with space and help them feel safe.

The professional development offered by Sex Ed Solutions will ensure that students know what they should do if they feel they are a victim of TDV, abuse, or assault. This can include teaching kids to tell a trusted adult, such as a teacher or family member. Sex Ed Solutions will also provide tips on how a child can get out of an uncomfortable situation if they do feel threatened by someone. Mandated reporting will be addressed in workshops for educators.

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